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San Jose del Cabo Information

Valuable information for travelers going to San Jose del Cabo. We suggest you print this page and take it with you.

The beach area between the city of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas covers a distance of 30 miles (Referred to as 'Los Cabos') San Jose del Cabo is 6 miles south of the airport. Cabo San Lucas is 29 miles further. This document pertains to the immediate vicinity of San Jose Del Cabo.

This area is growing very fast with new hotels, golf courses, condominium projects, and new housing. However, it still retains it's old city charm. It offers excellent sportfishing and other water sports, in a setting of modern hotels, a huge freshwater lagoon, with mountains and deserts nearby. The people are friendly, the water is safe, and the food is great.

Although at first glance it appears very arid, this is a lush tropical area with most of it's water underground. There is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables with nearby orchards of avocado and citrus trees. Local ranches are known for their production of beef cattle, cheeses, and some are famous for breeding champion fighting cocks. The most important fiesta is the annual "Fiesta San Jose" in March. This includes a carnival, cockfights, street fair, dancing, etc.

THE TOWN†- The town of San Jose del Cabo is especially delightful. The food and water is excellent and the people are very friendly. If you give a smile, you're sure to get one back. It's a beautiful, clean, safe, and orderly town.

CLOTHING†- Relaxation is a way of life in Mexico and so is the attire. Dress casually with only a light jacket for cool mornings. For fishing, bring a wind breaker jacket, old clothes, and shoes or sandals that can get wet.

CAR RENTAL†- Available at your hotel or in town.

PHONE†- To call the U.S. from the hotel, call collect. It's much cheaper!

TIME CHANGE†- The time zone is 'Mountain Time' which is one hour later than ours. Mexico has daylight savings time, so they stay one hour later all year.

FISHING†- The fleet of Pangas and Cruisers is at Palmilla Beach. The Pangas are handles by "Francisco's Sportfishing." The contact office is at the Killer Hook Surf Shop. For reservations, contact the U.S. office: Jig Stop Tours at (949) 496-0960.

HORSEBACK RIDING†- Rental horses on the beach in front of most hotels, daily.

TENNIS & VOLLEYBALL†- Available at all hotels and at the golf course club house.

SNORKELING, SURFING, SAILING, WINDSURFING, SURF FISHING, ETC.- Rental equipment is available at Killer Hook Surf Shop in San Jose del Cabo.

GOLF†- Many fine courses nearby. Ask at the your hotel's front desk for rates.

SHOPPING†- San Jose del Cabo has generally lower prices but Cabo San Lucas has a larger selection of gift items.

SURFING & WATER SPORTS RENTALS†- At Costa Azul, 1 mile west of San Jose del Cabo.


One of the joys of this town is it's good food. Especially seafood! The hotels have full service restaurants for your convenience. However, there are many excellent restaurants. They are very conpetitive and want your business. These are some we are happy to recommend:

TACOS EL INDIO†- On the side street, one block north of Las Parrillas, on the right. Great Tacos with all the right sauces! Try the stuffed baked potato and BBQ onions!

FLOJO'S†- At Costa Azul, take the turn off for "Zippers." It's the first building on the right as you approach the beachfront. Owned and opperated by two young gringos, this is a real experience in fresh seafood. Try the "Seafood Salad" it's great.

DA GIORGIO'S†- Towards Cabo, just past the turn-off to the Palmilla Hotel. Great Italian food! Seafood specialties! An elegant restaurant in a beautiful setting.

TROPICANA†- In town, near the fountain. The fun zone! Very popular for food and drinks. A great variety of menu items. All meats and cheeses are brought in from the U.S.

DOS HERMANOS†(Formerly Las Parrillas) - In town, on the main highway, 2 blocks west of the Beer Agency. The best BBQ chicken! Get a chicken for your fishing lunch. Have a bowl of bean soup for a snack, it's a town favorite.

DAMIANA`S†- In town in the plaza. Delicious and well prepaired food. Beautiful surroundings. Get there early!

ZIPPER'S BAR & GRILL†- On the beach at Costa Azul. Featuring mesquite grilled NY steaks, ribs, and chicken. A local hangout serving U.S. beef! They will cook your fish.

TRADER DICK'S†- On the highway, near the Coral Baja. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week. They have everything! Beer, wine, soda, coffee, snacks. Pick up food on the way to the boats in the AM. Order great lunches the afternoon before.

PESCADERIA, SEAFOOD MARKET REST.†- In town, on the frontage street facing the highway, just past the signal. Large assortment of seafood, expertly prepared.

For reservations and pricing call toll free†(800) 521-2281

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