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The Fury

June 24th (Leaving night before)
$175 per angler

By late June, summer fishing will be in full swing. We will probably be in Catalina catching calicos, yellowtail (we caught some last year) and maybe white sea bass. We only got one sea bass last year, but since our trips are after June 15th, the limit will be three. Let's hope that we can take advantage of that.

July 29th (Leaving night before)
$175 per angler

If things return to normal the yellowtail fishing could be the highlight of the trip. We are well into summer so whatever is going to arrive this year will be here. We'll target the best action and go after that.

September 23rd-24th (Leaving night before)
$325 per angler

Previous Fury charters in mid September have done great with the tuna. For the last two years the tuna have been showing up late, so we will too.

These are limited load trips. We will sign up 18 on each trip. There will be plenty of elbow room for everybody. The two overnight trips are $175 each. The two-day trip is $325. Fuel surcharges are not likely but are always possible.

I've already had several anglers ask for the schedule so they can be sure they get a spot. It looks like the trips will fill up sooner this year, so get your deposits in early.

Call now to secure your spot!

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